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2022-09-03 06:11:55 By : Ms. Natalie Huang

American manufacturer Dango Products makes beautifully-machined objects that most of us would consider overkill. That's why Dango's products aren't aimed at most of us: They're targeted at the EDC market, for whom high quality of manufacture is paramount, made-in-the-USA is ideal and money is no object.

The company has even developed their own proprietary material, a leather substitute called DTEX:

That DTEX goes into items like their $149 EDC Tray:

And if you're wondering what this massive pen-like object at left is…

…that's the $40 Dango Permanent Marker, a standard Sharpie encased in a CNC-machined aluminum-and-steel cap and barrel.

The Sharpie is, of course, replaceable; there's a hole in the bottom of the barrel so that you can pop the Sharpie out when it's spent.

I'm not an EDC guy, but I love looking at Dango's stuff.

Yes! While the whole EDC thing doesn't really matter to me, I have been happily sporting a Dango wallet for a number of years now. It was by far the most expensive wallet I've ever purchased, but I'm also considering that this will be the *last* wallet I ever purchase. I discovered them after trying to find a wallet that wouldn't flex, as this was causing my cards to literally crack and fall apart after just a few months. Dango's wallet design starts with a metal chassis, and then mechanically fastens a textile cover to it. Also, the card windows are just open cutouts instead of a clear plastic window. This means I'm no longer watching a plastic window slowly yellow and crack and collect lint on the glue that seeped out of the seams. I highly recommend the Maverick model. Beyond that, there are multiple accessories that work with certain models, so you can customize the type of wallet that works for you.

Every-Day Carry for anyone who, like me, had no clue what EDC was.

I’m a lapsed industrial designer. I was born in NYC and figured I’d die there, but a few years ago I abandoned New York to live on a farm in the countryside with my wife. We have six dogs.

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