Gazzini Releases Fancy New Adjustable Levers

2022-08-20 08:10:57 By : Ms. Winnie zheng

Customizing and personalizing a motorcycle is a big part of what makes the two-wheeled lifestyle exciting. For some, this means installing a new exhaust system, adding a few cosmetic enhancements such as LED lights and indicators, wrapping the bodywork in a different color, and so on. However, improving ergonomics is also an excellent way to make your bike even more your own.

Adjustable levers are an excellent way to tailor fit your bike's fit, especially if you have bigger or smaller hands than average. Naturally, having a quick and easy reach to the brake and clutch levers goes a long way in inspiring confidence, be it on the street, track, or off-road. Gazzini, a German brand under Louis Moto's parts and accessories catalog, has released new brake and clutch levers that feature a wide range of adjustability and have a premium, eye-catching design.

These levers, made of CNC machined aluminum, offer a wide range of adjustability with six levels as far as lever reach is concerned, as well as width adjustability thanks to a clamping screw. This makes them ideal for those who share bikes with several other riders, as well as those who want to enhance the ergonomics of their bikes from the factory. Additionally, a shear zone is included in the levers to prevent breakage in the case of a fall.

The Gazzini levers are 79.99 Euros, or around $90 USD per unit and come with mounting hardware specific to certain motorbike models. Worldwide shipping options are available on Louis Moto's website. Do note, that pricing is for one lever only, so chances are you'll be needing to buy a pair. That said,  to fully equip your machince, set aside 159.98 Euros, or around $180 USD plus shipping. 

Sources: Le Repaire Des Motards, Louis Moto