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2022-06-17 07:01:44 By : Ms. Sandy You

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Acoustech Systems ultrasonic machining technology improves CNC processing of hard-to-machine materials in Defense, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive and Medical applications

BOWLING GREEN, KY / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2022 / Acoustech Systems, designer and manufacturer of precision CNC machining equipment, has revolutionized ultrasonic machining by developing a patented technology that easily retrofits standard machining equipment with a low-cost ultrasonic module in order to improve drilling, turning, and grinding of advanced materials and hard metal alloys.

Protected by thirty issued patents, Acoustech’s flagship solution combines the latest in ultrasonic technology and sustainable manufacturing in order to reduce the friction between cutting tools and material surfaces.

Christopher Williams, CEO of Acoustech Systems, explains, “Advanced materials with low weight, superior chemical stability, improved thermal properties, and enhanced wear resistance are being required in aerospace, defense, semiconductor, automotive, and medical industries. Our technology enhances conventional metal cutting processes so our customers can finally design solutions with these superior materials.”

Ultrasonic technology uses high-frequency motion to bring less harm and waste to machining processes. Applying ultrasonic vibration during the machining cycle improves material removal rates, shortens cycle times, and improves surface finish with materials that were not machinable by legacy CNC equipment.

Recently, Acoustech’s ultrasonic drilling modules proved effective in defense, aerospace, and semiconductor applications requiring precision manufacturing of materials that legacy CNC machines were unable to process.

“Working with our customers, we have quickly transitioned from research, development, and material testing to planning deployment of modules for the production environment at scale,” said Nick Noble, Director of Business Development at Acoustech Systems.

Acoustech technology has been critical to more gentle and efficient machining of composites and other materials such as ceramics or hard-metal alloys. Acoustech technology and ultrasonic performance benefits are now achievable without investing millions of dollars in new, complex, and large footprint systems.

All Acoustech Systems products are designed, engineered, sourced, and manufactured in the USA.

Acoustech Systems is a sustainable manufacturing company that builds revolutionary ultrasonic technology for industry-standard machining equipment. Acoustech’s technology delivers quantitatively improved surface finish, productivity, and profitability, to companies working with hard-to-machine materials (e.g. ceramics, ceramic matrix composites, hard metal alloys, brittle materials, steel, glass, Inconel). Acoustech’s technology has been validated by third party laboratories and is trusted by dozens of aerospace, defense, semiconductor, medical, and industrial customers. Visit to learn more.

Media: Christopher Williams, [email protected]

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