Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuild Parts/Repair Kits/Cat Overhaul Kits

auto Diesel engine parts 3306 rebuilt parts/ repair kit /overhaul kit for CAT QualityOriginal or Aftermarket replacement ( have both)PackagePaper boxMOQ1pcPayment T/T, West Union Pay, MoneyGramDelivery Time3-8 working days afterpayment - Related Productes - Beside supply this intem, we also supply the be

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auto Diesel engine parts 3306 rebuilt parts/ repair kit /overhaul kit for CAT

Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat

Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat

QualityOriginal or Aftermarket replacement ( have both)
PackagePaper box
Payment T/T, West Union Pay, MoneyGram
Delivery Time3-8 working days afterpayment 

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Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat
Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat

Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat
Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat

Cylinder Block1N35761Pre-Combustion (175:1 Comp Ratio)  
Bushing, Camshaft9M54771(With Heat Plug, 17? Pin Dia)  
Bushing, Camshaft7M40464    
   Cylinder Kit8S46366
S/No?s - Industrial  Piston Body9N52506
23C740 - 23C2001  Piston Pin7N98056
   Retainer, Piston Pin1S954312
S/No?s - Vehicle  Piston Ring Set9S30686
3N1-up, 49V1-up  Cylinder Liner110-58006
   Seal Kit, Cylinder Liner5P87686
Pre-Combustion (Single Ni Insert)      
(No Heat Plug, 15? Pin Dia)  S/No?s - Vehicle  
   1AF1-up, 8TD1-up, 8Z1-up, 13Z1-up  
Cylinder Kit8S46356    
Piston Body8N31806S/No?s - Industrial  
Piston Pin7N980465GZ1-up, 7JB1-up, 64Z1-up  
Retainer, Piston Pin9H401512    
Piston Ring Set9S30686S/No?s - Marine  
Cylinder Liner110-580061RS1-up, 84Z1-up  
Seal Kit, Cylinder Liner5P87686    
   S/No?s - Truck  
Pre-Combustion (Dual Ni Insert)  5KD1-up, 63Z1-up,  
(No Heat Plug, 15? Pin Dia)      
   S/No?s - Generator Set  
Cylinder Kit9S891462AJ1-up, 2TM1-up, 5JC1-up, 8JJ1-up,  
Piston Body8N318268NS1-up, 9DS1-up, 9NR1-up, 85Z1-up  
Piston Pin7N98046    
Retainer, Piston Pin9H401512Direct Injection (175:1 Comp Ratio)  
Piston Ring Set9S30686(Keystone Ring)  
Cylinder Liner110-58006(with 1/8? thick Oil Control Ring)  
Seal Kit, Cylinder Liner5P87686Cylinder KitKM89146
   Piston Body129-03386
S/No?s - Vehicle  Piston Pin7N98056
3N1-up, 49V1-up  Retainer, Piston Pin1S954312
   Piston Ring Set2W17096
S/No?s - Industrial  Cylinder Liner110-58006
66D8891-up, 4WB1-up  Seal Kit, Cylinder Liner5P87686
S/No?s - Marine  Replacement Piston Group for the above,  
67D1103-up  using a 1/4? thick  
   Oil Control Ring  
S/No?s - Truck      
76R0371-up  Direct Injection (175:1 Comp Ratio)  
   (Keystone Ring)  
S/No?s - Genset  (with 1/4? thick Oil Control Ring)  
7HB1-up  Cylinder KitKM42626
   Piston Body165-42626
   Piston Pin7N98056
   Retainer, Piston Pin1S954312
   Piston Ring Set211-43216
   Cylinder Liner110-58006
   Seal Kit, Cylinder Liner5P87686
(Pre-Combustion Engines)     
Cylinder Head8N11871Crankshaft 2W7458
Valve, Inlet (Non-Turbo)5S64526Crankshaft (S/No 7RJ1-up, 9TL1-up) 2W7458
Valve, Exhaust (Non-Turbo)5S64496Seal, Oil Front Std 5S9021
Valve, Inlet (Turbo)2W26216Seal, Oil Front OS 5S6296
Valve, Exhaust (Turbo)8N08756Sleeve, Front, Seal 2P3859
Valve Lock-Half2A442924Seal Group with Sleeve 9Y9895
Insert, Valve Seat Inlet (Std.)5S72186   
Insert, Valve Seat Exhaust (Std.)1W53216Seal, Oil Rear (Std.) 5S9022
Guide, Inlet & Exh Valve148-742512Seal, Oil Rear (O.S.) 9S3111
Rotocoil (Includes Shield)8N778212Seal, Oil Rear (O.S. Double Lip) 7C4297
Shield, Valve Guide6N717412Sleeve, Rear Seal 2P3858
Spring, Inlet & Exh Valve7S714412Seal Group with Sleeve 4W0452
Push Rod5S591812Main Bearing (Std.) 232-3233
Lifter7S316112Main Bearing (010?) 8N8225
   Main Bearing (020?) 8N8226
Precombustion Chamber8S39706Main Bearing (030?) 8N8227
Seal O Ring, Chamber7S32066Main Bearing (040?)232-3233/040
Gasket, Chamber (493mm)5M26676Main Bearing (050?)232-3233/050
Gasket, Chamber (570mm)2S89596   
Gasket, Chamber (630mm)2S89606Thust Washer (.185?) 6N8940
   Thust Washer (.214?) 100-3652
Director, Water1S306218Thust Washer (.232?) 9S3037
   Conrod Bearing (Std. with recess) 8N8220
CYLINDER HEAD COMPONENTS(Direct Injection Engines)PART NoQTYConrod Bearing (Std. without recess)Conrod Bearing (010?)Conrod Bearing (020?) 4W57398N82228N8221
Cylinder Head8N67961Conrod Bearing (030?) 8N8223
Valve, Inlet100-78606Conrod Bearing (040?)8N8220/040
Valve, Exhaust148-74556Conrod Bearing (050?)8N8220/050
Valve Lock-Half2A442916   
Insert, Valve Seat Inlet (Std.)107-02686Conrod Bushing (Straight) (15? Dia) 8N0702
Insert, Valve Seat Exhaust (Std.)107-02656(For old style Straight Rod 5S6360) 
Guide, Inlet & Exh Valve148-742512   
Rotocoil (Includes Shield)1W530012Conrod Assy (Tapered 15? Dia Pin) 8N1984
Shield, Valve Guide 6N717412Conrod Bushing (Tapered) 8N1985
Spring, Inlet & Exh Valve 7S714412Bolt, Conrod 1P9956
   Nut, Conrod 5S6348
Push Rod 5S591812   
Lifter 7S316112Conrod Bushing (Straight) (17? Dia) 8N0703
   (For old style Straight Rod 5S2793) 
Seal, Water 9Y179818   
Seal O Ring, 3S54961Conrod Assy (Tapered 17? Dia Pin) 8N1721
Seal, Water 7N80186Conrod Bushing (Tapered) 8N1849
   Bolt, Conrod 1P9956
(Direct Injection Engines S/No 7RJ1-up, 9TL1-up)  Nut, Conrod 5S6348
(as preceeding page except parts below)     
Cylinder Head133-69961   
Guide, Inlet & Exh Valve162-158912   
Director, Water 1S306218   
Push Rod (Inlet) 5S59186   
Push Rod (Exhaust)118-97196   
 Camshaft Kit (Includes Lifters)4P29421Thermostat 111-80101
 Camshaft (7RJ1-up, 9TL1-up)107-35651Water Pump Assy (2P0661/7N5908) 172-77661
   Water Pump Assy (2P0662/7N5909) 172-77671
 FUEL SYSTEMPART NoQTYOil Cooler Core (Engine) 7N01101
   Oil Cooler Core (Engine) 7N01651
   Oil Cooler Core (Engine) 7N35211
 Valve Service Group (PC, Non-Turbo)8M15846   
 Valve Service Group (PC, Turbo)8N87966Oil Cooler Core (Transmission) 4W71881
   Oil Cooler Core (Transmission) 2W99781
 Fuel Injector (DI)7N04496Oil Cooler Core (Transmission) 7N01281
 Fuel Injector (DI)8N70036Oil Cooler Core (Transmission) 4W53631
 Fuel Injector (DI)8N70056   
 Plunger & Barrel6N75276RING GEAR PART NoQTY
 Plunger & Barrel9H57976   
 Plunger & Barrel1W65416   
   Ring Gear , Flywheel 7N91451
 Fuel Transfer Pump4N48641   
 Fuel Transfer Pump1W16951   
 Fuel Priming Pump9H22561COMPRESSOR PART NoQTY
 Fuel Priming Pump105-25081   
 Camshaft, Fuel Pump4N43131Crankshaft, Compressor 4P29741
   Gasket Kit, UpperKMP-3306-K1DI1
 Lead Assy7N96361Gasket Kit, UpperKMP-3306-K1PC1
 Glow Plug, 12V3T95616Gasket Kit, LowerKMP-3306-K21
 Glow Plug, 24V3T95626Gasket, Cylinder Head (Non-Spacer) 6N72631
   Gasket, Cylinder Head (Spacer) 111-80151
   Shim, Spacer Plate 7W75461
   Gasket, Oil Pan 169-41991
 Oil Pump6I13431   
 Oil Pump6I13461   

Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat

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 KINGLAND expertise in supplying original and replacement engine parts. It products is reflected through the quality and long lifespan of our replacement parts. We  Focus On Diesel Engine Key Parts. Such as  injector,  fuel pump, sensors(pressure sensor, speed sensor...),piston, piston rings, liner kit, main and conrod bearing, Bushings,gasket set, valve kit, crankshaft and camshaft, cylinder head and block, water pump, oil pump....So we don't do the other small or not key parts for diesel engine.
Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat

The range of replacement parts are suitable for the following models:
3054 3056    3064 3066    3114 3116 3126   3204 3206 3208    3406 3408 3412   3508 3512
C6.4 C6.6 C7 C9 C11 C12 C15 C18
4B 3.3 NH220 ISB QSC   4B 3.9 NT855 ISC    6B 5.9 K19 ISD QSL   6C 8.3 K38 ISF QSM
L10 K50   M11 ISM QSX   N14 QSB
403 404   1003 1004 1006  1103 1104 1106
4D95 SA6D102 S6D110 S4D130 S6D155   S4D95 SAA6D102 SA6D110 S6D140 SA6D155  6D95 4D105 SA6D114 SA6D140 S6D170   S6D95 6D105 SAA6D114 SAA6D140 SA6D170  SA6D95 S6D105 6D125 SDA6D140 SA6D170E  S4D102 S6D108 S6D125 SA12V140 NH220-C1  SAA41D02 SA6D108 SA6D125 SAA12V140 NTA8FF-1  S6D102 SAA6D108 SAA6D125 S4D155

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Diesel Engine Parts 3306 Rebuilt Parts/ Repair Kit /Overhaul Kit for Cat

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