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 sheet metal fabrication industry factory fabricators inc------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Product Description1. The whole machine reduces laser radiation and prevents mechanical damage.2.High-precision grindi

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 sheet metal fabrication industry factory fabricators inc

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry Factory Fabricators Inc

Product Description

1. The whole machine reduces laser radiation and prevents mechanical damage.
2.High-precision grinding grade gears, racks, low noise, high precision, and fast speed.
3.SMC pneumatic components, intelligent control, perfect low-pressure perforation.
4. High-strength integral welding body, cast aluminum axis, and high-temperature annealing to ensure that
The machine tool will not be deformed after 20 years of normal use.
5. It is driven by world-class precision ball screw/rack and linear guide to achieving high precision,
High efficiency, and stability of the machine.
6. Equipped with the most advanced wireless handheld terminal for the remote processing device.
7. The equipment adopts high-performance numerical control system, AC servo motor, and drive.
It is an integrating advanced technology such as pneumatic, mechanical, optoelectronic and numerical control.


Sample Picture

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry Factory Fabricators Inc
Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry Factory Fabricators IncSheet Metal Fabrication Industry Factory Fabricators Inc
PRO CUT GY-1530FD 1000W at INDIA

PRO CUT GY-2340FD 3300W






Parameters of fiber laser cutting machine

Product NameFiber laser cutting machine
Laser Output Power500W/1000W/2000W/3000W/4000W/5000W/6000W
Working Are(length*width)1500*3000mm
Fiber LaserIPG/Raycus
Max Moving Speed100m/min
Max Cutting Speed25m/min
Positioning Accuracy0.03mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy0.02mm
Cooling TypeWater cooling
Min Line Width0.1mm
Drive SystemServo motor
Power Allocation380V/220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Continuous Working Time24 hours
The weight of the MachineApprox:8 Tons
Machine Size (l*w*h)8.5*3.3*1.9m



Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry Factory Fabricators Inc

GYC Laser belongs to Guangzhou Great Year Laser Technology Co., Ltd. which is a high-tech enterprise in Guangzhou, China.
Specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of industrial equipment and precision machinery.
The main products include fiber laser cutting machine, laser die cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine,
which are special for processing Metal materials, Kitchen electrical appliances, Light fixtures, Auto Parts, Advertising Signs,
Printing and packaging products, leather and textile, clothes accessories, etc.

Set up in November 2009, Great Year Laser focuses on the innovation of the laser application solutions.
The enterprise mission, to create the largest benefit for customers, encourages the staff to keep pursuing breakthroughs.
The speedy development of Great Year Laser depends on a professional research and development team which aims to fulfill the requirements of different customers,
and an efficient service team which offers rapid response such as remote supporting, regular maintenance and spot training to assist our customers operating the machines better.
Different models of our laser equipment have been sold to 65 countries and regions by December 2016, including the USA, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Mexico,
Colombia, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, and got high appreciation from our customers in different industries.

We believe that there will be better and better in our laser technology career.
Only continuous innovation and better quality can make our career flourishing.
All staff of Great Year Laser will keep our mission in mind, which is 
striving for a global reputation for China's laser technology!

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry Factory Fabricators Inc

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry Factory Fabricators Inc

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry Factory Fabricators Inc




What about the investment of buying one machine?

A: For the machine just about the cost of the machine, the cost of shipping.
For the whole project, need to invest for the factory and the infrastructure of the factory,
such as the Electricity system, gas system, gantry crane, and the team.

Q: What are the differences between Fiber laser cutting and plasma cutting, water jet cutting?

A: Cost of Machine: European Fiber Laser>Water jet>Plasma
    Operating Cost: Water Jet>Laser>Plasma
    Cutting Quality (Result): Plasma>Laser>Water Jet
    Precision: Water Jet>Laser>Plasma

Fiber laser cutting: Better for cutting metal, Thick steel cost more, High precision.
Plasma cutting: No matter cutting Thin steel or Thick steel, but cutting quality.
Water jet cutting: Almost cut Everything, but very slowly.

Q: How many options of laser source? What are the differences?

A: Normally we offer IPG, RAYCUS, MAX, differences in the cost and the cutting quality, we have experience of all the laser source,
and we will recommend a different power source based on customer's needs.

Q: Any different optional laser heads? What are the differences? Autofocus and manual focus?

A: For the Laser head we use WSX, RAY TOOLS LASER MECH, PRECITEC, and all the tube have manual focus and manual focus options,
we will use a different brand laser head depends on different laser power.

Q: Which operating software would be used in your machine?

A: Priority option is Cypcut controller, Economic cost, and great performance.
   But we the other options are available.

Q: How do I choose the machine right for me?

A: You just need to be sure how much thickness of steel that you need to cut,
we will recommend you the model right fit your projects.

Q: Does the machine require on-site installation and training?

A: Yes, you can send your engineer to our factory to finish the training,
and we could offer local installation and training in your factory.

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: Normally 40 days, if customized machine we will inform you.


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